Happy Halloween friends!

Did you know that 3 to 4 small Halloween chocolate bars are equivalent to one full-sized chocolate bar?

Don’t trick yourself this year!

Here are some other reminders and tips to keep in mind over the next week.

1. Healthy eating starts in childhood. Are you helping your kids develop healthy habits? This year, have your kids fill a small to medium sized Ziploc bag with their favourite Halloween treats. Offer them $5 if they opt for giving away the rest of their candy to spend on a non-food treat of their choice. It's win-win-win! Less tempting sweets in the house for you and a lesson taught to the kids! 

2. Resist the urge to buy discounted November 1st Halloween chocolate and candy. Is your health really worth the 50% discount that the stores advertise?

3. Ask your kids if they would rather forego trick or treating this year for some other awesome non-food experience that they've been dying to try! Maybe it’s going to a local Halloween spook party, going to the movies, going bowling, or going to the amusement park on Halloween night.

4. Keep Halloween treats out of sight. Keeping them in the pantry at eye level or on the kitchen counter will only encourage you to eat more. Studies show that the less often you see a food, the less likely you are to eat it. Sounds obvious right? Try keeping your treats in a non-see-through bag in the garage or basement. You'll be less tempted this way!

Don't TRICK yourself this Halloween! Prepare yourself by planning ahead. 
What are you going to do differently this year?

Do you have any favourite tips to navigate this sugar-coated holiday? Feel free to comment below!

Lisa & Monica



Michele Anhoury
28/10/2016 08:36

Thank you for theses valuable & crucial tips for us AND our families!!!!!

Bariatric Surgery Nutrition
30/10/2016 16:16

You are so welcome Michele :)


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