Will this be your first Thanksgiving weekend since your weight loss surgery (WLS) or bariatric surgery?

If so, you are likely feeling a little bit anxious. This is totally normal!

Here are our top 5 tips for staying in control this Thanksgiving after weight loss surgery:


1. Have regular meals and snacks the day of.

  • Going to a dinner party on an empty stomach is never a good idea. When you are out of control hungry, you are more likely to overeat. Make sure to have a protein snack 1-2 hours before the party.


2. Be mindful during appetizer hour.

  • Once you have indulged appropriately, distract your fingers by holding a napkin or toothpick, position yourself with your back towards the food table, make conversation or help in the kitchen to keep yourself busy.


3. Be picky.

  • Instead of tasting “a little bit of everything”, skip the foods that are available all year round. Instead, go for the foods that are more festive or unique to Thanksgiving.


4. Keep serving dishes in the kitchen instead of on the dinner table.

  • You will be way less tempted to go for seconds when the food isn’t right in front of you.


5. Get rid of excess leftovers.

  • Send leftovers home with guests (especially those decadent desserts) and don’t be afraid to throw food out. Remember it’s Thanksgiving DAY, not WEEK!

Enjoyed this article? If you’re reading this after a Thanksgiving weekend that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, your first instinct may be to ‘reset’ yourself, read more on that topic here. Otherwise, for a healthier Thanksgiving dessert options, try our Clafoutis recipe.

Enjoy the weekend!

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– Monica & Lisa