High Protein Dessert Recipes (PDF)


Our protein dessert recipes will help tame your sweet tooth after surgery!

This product is for you IF…

1. You still CRAVE the occasional sweet after surgery. You may have now realized that surgery doesn’t take away the cravings that you had before surgery, but you may be unsure of how to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our recipes use natural sugars so that your body can be satisfied on the real deal rather than ‘tricking’ it with artificial sweeteners.

2. You prefer NATURAL protein instead of protein powders in your food. Our recipes were made to only include basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. There’s no need to stop by a supplement shop just to make these recipes. We don’t use protein powder to add protein – we use natural protein sources.

OVERVIEW: In this handout we provide you with 4 home-kitchen-tested, guilt-free, dietitian-approved protein dessert recipes for those times when you crave a sweet treat. Our introduction will also give you the truth about a common misconception about sweets after surgery, and explains why sweets don’t need to be avoided for life, even after WLS.

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