Intuitive Eating Self-Help Guide: How do I know when to start and stop eating? (PDF Workbook)


Are you new to the idea of mindful or intuitive eating?

Or maybe you’re not new to the idea, but you’re interested in learning more about the practice and are ready to start TODAY! Because why not!  If so, you’re in the right place 🙂

This product is for you IF…

1. You are ready to dedicate the next 7 days to listening to your stomach’s hunger and fullness cues. (Remember how much you listened to your stomach in those first weeks after surgery?)

2. Over the last several months you have noticed a bit of weight re-gain (likely caused by eating larger portions of food or eating more frequently, but you’re not exactly sure).

3. You are over calorie counting (for so many reasons!) and you want to tap into your body’s wisdom.

Whatever your reason for wanting to practice mindful or intuitive eating, we can promise you that you are going to learn A TON of good stuff by dedicating yourself to this workbook over the next week. The best part of this workbook is that it can be used again and again over the years, whenever you feel the need to re-focus.


  • 10-point hunger scale for your fridge
  • 1 page discussion on hunger and fullness
  • 7 day detailed printable food journal
  • Powerful 3 part reflection activity
  • Total of 9 pages

This is one of the MOST POWERFUL TOOLS we use in our one-to-one coaching!

We hope you enjoy 🙂   – Monica & Lisa

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