Protein Counter (PDF Handout)


Our protein counter is a MUST HAVE handout after surgery!

This product is for you IF…

1. You are looking to RESET your portions. For example, do you know what a portion of nuts is after surgery? What about cheese or steak? This handout will reassure you that your portions are not too big, but also just as importantly, that they are not too small. Although we emphasize the importance of protein A LOT after WLS, there is such a thing as too much protein!

2. You are wanting to OPTIMIZE or INCREASE your protein intake. If this is your goal, did you know that cottage cheese has just as much protein as Greek yogurt? Or are you aware that hummus actually isn’t a good source of protein? This handout allows you to compare the protein content of different foods, so you can make the best possible choices.

OVERVIEW: In this handout we list the most common sources of protein (52 sources to be exact!), what a portion is (for long-term eating, so some of you early post-op people might be eating a bit less which is fine), and how many grams of protein each portion has.

BONUS: For those of you who are interested in PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS (i.e. protein bars, protein shakes, and protein powder) we list what to look for on the nutrition facts tables to choose a ‘good’ supplement.

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