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Am I Normal?

Bariatric surgery is life changing in many exciting ways, but it can also be a very confusing,
overwhelming, and lonely time if you don’t have the proper support.

‘Bariatric Surgery Nutrition’ was founded by registered dietitians with YOU in mind.

You NEED clear and practical expert advice so you can start focusing your energy where it
really counts and start living your life again!

You’re In the Right Place

 We offer ONLINE bariatric nutrition products & services for:


Sleeve gastrectomy


Gastric bypass (RYGB)


Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS)


Single anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass with sleeve (SADI)


Revisional surgeries

Discover the Support You Deserve.

OUR E-PLATFORM - The Ultimate First Year Bariatric Bundle

Learn how to have a successful surgery WITHOUT the overwhelm and second-guessing! Our signature E-platform is packed with videos, cheat sheets, menus, self-help guides, recipes, checklists, & MORE, all targeted at the first year after surgery.


Are you currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy after bariatric surgery? This mini-course was created to empower you as you start this next exciting phase of life. As you likely already know, advocating for your unique bariatric needs is crucial to the health of you and baby! Learn more HERE.



We’re the authors of the well-known bariatric book “The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Your questions finally answered”This FAQ-style book answers more than 80 of the most common questions we—as bariatric dietitians—get asked on a daily basis. Our book is available for purchase on Amazon in English & French, in both hardcopy & Kindle formats.


We offer virtual appointments for Canadians and in-person appointments (downtown Montreal, QC, Canada) to support you before and after surgery. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming surgery, you’ve recently had your surgery, or you’re years out from surgery, we’re happy to help! Packages available upon request. Learn more HERE.

Who We Are

We are compassionate and enthusiastic Canadian registered dietitians (RD/PDt) specialized in working with adults before and after bariatric surgery. With over 15 years of experience and over 6000 patients counselled, we are experts in all aspects of bariatric surgery nutrition.

We are patient and committed, and most importantly, we understand that life after bariatric surgery is filled with many new challenges and lifestyle changes.

Lisa Kaouk

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Monica Bashaw


Raissa Eid


Kate Langan

Kate Langan


Authors of…

The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Your Questions Finally Answered

“I just finished it from cover to cover. It’s very in-depth but not too overwhelming. It also has some fantastic tips I plan on personally using. Fantastic job!!!” – Alex Brecher, Founder & CEO of BariatricPal 

“Lisa and Monica are expertly placed to understand the huge challenges of weight-loss surgery patients post-op. I only wish this book had been available when I had my own surgery in 2009”. – Carol Bowen Ball,

“I have devoured this book! I’m glad that there’s no reference to ‘dieting’ or total number of calories/day, I didn’t have surgery to be on a diet for the rest of my life. This book totally reinforces that message. There’s a LOT of information out there and it can get confusing. This book is a God send!” – “K”, WLS in 2016

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Did you have bariatric surgery this year? Or are you planning to?


  • A reasonably priced toolkit of resources that walk you through literally EVERYTHING that will come up in the first year after surgery.
  • Fluff-free videos, checklists, and tip sheets that get right to the point, because we know you have busy lives.
  • Workbooks, journal prompts, and other bonus downloads that encourage you to tap into your own inner wisdom, because we all know that re-wiring your automated habits and working on your relationship with food is a big part of the puzzle.

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